Math/Formula visual editing

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Sun Dec 6 23:40:36 UTC 2020

Hi Peter,

LibreOffice has an in-line formula editor. But no one has improved it in 
the last seven years, so it is still an "experimental feature". You are 
welcome to bring it to the regular UI.

With this editor you write the formula directly into the main window and 
the markup is automatically generated in the command window.

You can enable it in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced.

Kind regards

Peter Gervai schrieb am 06-Dec-20 um 20:56:
> Hello Devs!
> I was looking around formula input tools, from LyX through various
> tools to LO Math (or Formula, it is sometimes referenced either this
> or that). Basically what's usable was LyX, but it's clunky and hard to
> use for non-technical people and LO, which is rather easy to use. (And
> you can edit TeX source, but that's absolutely not user friendly.)
> None of them was really _good_or _simple_. I'm here to help LO
> Formula/Math to be the best.


Kind regards

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