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(Not really involved in any form of math writing, but this detail caught my

On Sun, 6 Dec 2020 at 21:57, Peter Gervai <grinapo+lodev at> wrote:

> The main reason for the speed is its universal hotkey (backslash)
> which pops up a selection box anywhere.

Note that in many not uncommon non-English keyboard layouts, the backslash
is not that trivial to type. For instance, for the keyboard layout I
personally use all the time, the Finnish layout on macOS (basically
identical to the Swedish one), typing a backslash requires three keys being
held: Right Alt (or "option"), Shift, and 7.

Sure, as I am a programmer that needs backslashes very often, and use this
same keyboard layout all the time, I know that by heart and it isn't
especially hard for me. But for more typical users of this keyboard layout
it might be a very uncommon character to input.

In the Finnish Windows keyboard layout, backslash requires just two keys:
AltGr and +, but stil.

Thus, in my humble opinion, shortcuts intended to be used a lot and
intended to be easy to learn should not involve characters that actually
vary wildly in their ease of use depending on keyboard layout.

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