Math/Formula visual editing

Peter Gervai grinapo+lodev at
Mon Dec 7 10:40:53 UTC 2020


On Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 1:39 AM Tor Lillqvist <tml at> wrote:
> (Not really involved in any form of math writing, but this detail caught my eye:
> On Sun, 6 Dec 2020 at 21:57, Peter Gervai <grinapo+lodev at> wrote:
>> The main reason for the speed is its universal hotkey (backslash)
>> which pops up a selection box anywhere.
> Note that in many not uncommon non-English keyboard layouts, the backslash is not that trivial to type.

When I sent the email I had to make sacrifices on the altar of length
since the longer the email the less people read it and answer it. I
was worried that someone would think that the specifics I'm describing
are actually my wishes for the specific implementation.

They are not. For example backslash wouldn't be my hotkey of choice
(while admittedly I'm using an en_US keyboard despite that I'm
Hungarian), or, really, the hotkey does not even matter much, so it
could be made configurable.
Some programs use slash, some percent, some tab or backtick, but
really it does not matter until the key is _usally_not_needed_ in
typing the formula and it's easy to call up. I guess backslash was
chosen in mathcha because of TeX conventions.

I'd make it configurable; but the default should be something not in
normal formula text.


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