Is there any effort or discussion yet about collaborative use of libreoffice applications?

Marc Roos M.Roos at
Tue Dec 15 13:41:52 UTC 2020

> > :) No but is really a question. I want to try a bit this libre 
>> online and I am not even able to get a simple test environment 
>> that creates a odt file that I can edit from multiple clients.
>> Even the manual of libre online online ~50% writing about other 
>> products/services. 
>If you want a LibreOffice Online that isn't from Collabora, feel free 
>develop it yourself. The Document Foundation will welcome your
>contributions. If you can't or won't do that, feel free to use 
>Online Development Edition for free.

Imho there should be one 'Libre office online' the one from Libre 
office(The Document Foundation). If collabra has a different version 
than that should be crystal clear. Why is collabra not using the name 
collabra oline? 
I think this collabra would be pretty pissed, if I start developing a 
product under 'Collabra online'. Furthermore why are then Collabra 
people on the libre office mailing list, if they even uphold such 
distinction between their version and the libre office online version?

Who is updating these docker images then the Libre office online account 
on dockerhub? The document foundation or is it again collabra using 
their product?

And when writing this, I thought about looking at github and there is 
again the libreoffice online account[2] also 'hijacked' by collabra 
people. I honestly do not get why on a libreoffice online github, big is 
written 'collabra online'.

Why does this collabra not use an own repository? I have read a bit the 
trade mark policy[1] of the document foundation. I think Collabra is 
clearly breaching this 'its use be non-confusing.' clause. 

Does this not mean that there are a lot of contributors out there 
thinking they are developing for libre office, while in fact they are 
working (for free) on collabra software?

To be honest things are getting more vague than clear to me. 

>The easiest way to use Collabora Online is to install Nextcloud [0] and
>then add the Collabora Office app.

That is really sad. Because the easiest way should be 'run libre office 
The reason why I am searching for Libre Office online, is that I do not 
want some other software or app. I want to publish a 'write document' 
via a web interface so I can share it, nothing more nothing less. Why 
should anyone need an app or a cloud to do this.


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