Is there any effort or discussion yet about collaborative use of libreoffice applications?

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Tue Dec 15 15:53:33 UTC 2020

Hi Marc,

I'm really sorry that this whole stuff around LibreOffice Online and
Collabora Online is confusing now. TDF is working on decisions around
this topic, so hopefully, it will be more clear in the near future. One
you should aware of in general, that the LibreOffice community consists
of individuals and companies (ecosystem). Also, independent individuals
are equally good members of the community as individuals working at a
company. What matters is the contribution made to the project (e.g.

Imho there should be one 'Libre office online' the one from Libre
> office(The Document Foundation). If collabra has a different version
> than that should be crystal clear. Why is collabra not using the name
> collabra oline?

Collabora in fact uses Collabora Online name for its Online version.

> I think this collabra would be pretty pissed, if I start developing a
> product under 'Collabra online'. Furthermore why are then Collabra
> people on the libre office mailing list, if they even uphold such
> distinction between their version and the libre office online version?

LibreOffice mailing list can be used by anyone, who would like to discuss
about LibreOffice development. Collabora is a large contributor both for
Core and LibreOffice Online.

> And when writing this, I thought about looking at github and there is
> again the libreoffice online account[2] also 'hijacked' by collabra
> people. I honestly do not get why on a libreoffice online github, big is
> written 'collabra online'.

TDF Board made a decision recently to mirror Collabora's online repo to
LibreOffice Online repository. That's why you see Collabora Online name in a
LibreOffice Online repository. See the mail thread about the vote of this
You can find more info about the context of this decision on the
Board-Discuss mailing list.

Why does this collabra not use an own repository? I have read a bit the
> trade mark policy[1] of the document foundation. I think Collabra is
> clearly breaching this 'its use be non-confusing.' clause.

Collabora in fact has its own repository:

Best Regards,
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