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Wed Jul 22 05:46:40 UTC 2020

The process is to do create small patches that are easy to review and to 
analyse in case of future problems. Submit your first patch to gerrit 
and it will be easier to discuss:


On 22.7.2020 5.41, Matthew Ewer wrote:
> For the record, I figured it out.  What I had modified was the right 
> setting, for the wrong program.  (Some version of Draw, rather than 
> Writer).  The correct file to modify was sw/source/core/doc/doc.cxx .  
> My fix did what I wanted, but to be useful to others, I'd need to e.g. 
> add a spinner to the print dialog.  Is there a recommended process for 
> doing that; accessibility tables to not forget, string translation 
> sheets to fill out?  What's the process for getting a change 
> reviewed/accepted/merged?
> On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 10:44 AM Matthew Ewer <eyeillus at 
> <mailto:eyeillus at>> wrote:
>     Hey, so you know the brochure printing mode? It normally prints a
>     single signature - one stack of pages, where if you fold the stack
>     down the middle, it forms a book. BUT, folding a stack of like 200
>     pages doesn't really work too well. I'd be preferable to specify a
>     signature size - e.g., single sheets of paper, each of which you
>     fold down the middle and stack. I thought I found where the code for
>     that lies - sd/source/ui/view/DocumentRenderer.cxx ,
>     PrepareBooklet(), at the end of the function. But 1. the behavior
>     I'd expect from that code doesn't quite match what I see in the
>     preview in the Print window, and 2. after I changed the code to do
>     what I wanted, and recompiled, the Print window behavior was
>     entirely unchanged. Does anybody know where the relevant code
>     actually is, or what's going on here?
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