FW: Re: I have wrote for a couple of hours something like 56 pages after that I have save it pressing the button Save many times and I the end I have discovered that my document had lost 50 + pages ,

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Hi, Paul, or anybody else,I think, it would be reason, that we file a bug. Modify autosave range option setting  for speed capability HDD vs SSD vs Cloud.I can't to do this, (file a bug) just check back, because I don't know, how could I put the link of these mails' archive.Thanks,Viktor
--------PS Hi , Here I have found that other people are praising the Autosaving Option from Google Docs  , The thing that I have emphasized in the previous emails as well as a priority , a must from my opinion ., IMHO . We can not compare A trillion dollar company like Google with 2 Billion users for G suite  with a Team of Volunteers that are developing for free a product like Libre .But I think we should emulate the Best Features like Autosaving  from Google Docs and others , from Successful and reliable software solutions like G Docs so on  and Implement by Default AutoSAving features every Couple of Seconds IMHO .https://www.goskills.com/Microsoft-Office/Resources/Google-Docs-Microsoft-Word-comparison https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-g-suite-now-has-2-billion-users/#:~:text=Google's%20office%20productivity%20suite%2C%20G,the%20end%20of%20last%20year. Plus, Docs backs up your saved files to Google Drive instead of your local hard drive.So Google saves your work — and backs up your work — to give you extra protection should you spill coffee all over your laptop and wreck your hard drive.Our winner: Google is the automatic save hero you never thought your docs needed.Thanks for your work developing a good product .kind regards.adrian g On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 10:58 PM g adi <leonidaa at gmail.com> wrote:Hi Italo , Paul , Hi guys  ! I have just remember how I have said in the previous emails : Why do not made Autosaving Implicit By Default Very Frequently , By Default it is like 10 minutes , I have manual Choose 1 minute the minimum but I have Remember that Google Docs has the AutoSave like every 2 Seconds , Why you do not do the same ? Autosave every 1 -2 Seconds ? and by Default do not let new Libre Users choose them because can be too late and they will loose they words , work and the Libre File  and the people will be very upset . This should be a Priority , it is a Major Issue and and Urgent One  in IMHO , Google Docs is doing the same for example .Loosing your Writing is very frustrating  and people could lose precious and very important documents , it was not my case , still I was upset but you got my idea . https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/33150/libreoffice-just-not-saving-properly-and-deleted-1000-words-of-my-dissertation/#:~:text=Check%20the%20Tools%20%7C%20Options%20%7C%20LibreOffice,document%20and%20save%20as%20docx. I don't know what the <beep> going on but I just saved my work to close it and reopen it because spellcheck wasn't working and I reopened it and it's saved 2 words? It did something similar last night but I thought I just hadn't saved it properly cos it only lost 200 words or so. 2. Same Why the Backup or Temporary File Salvation it is not working properly too ? As a second net save mechanism in the case like something Bad is Happening like in my case : saving as Docx , Black out , no more Electricity so on ?3. Microsoft Word , Google Docs they have better Recovery Systems I think , I think we can learn from them and we can implement ?4. I have give you the details requested , can you reproduce my case and my error ?Thanks .kind regards,adrian gOn Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 4:39 PM g adi <leonidaa at gmail.com> wrote:Hi !Thanks for making this software for free , for your work but yesterday I was very upset .I have open a new file save it .docx , like I have done for a file before , one more time , just so this was the second time that I have created and saved a file with Docx and not ODt because in the past couple of my friends after I have send them the Odt files they said that they could not open them on Laptop or Mobile and I need to tell them what to install so on so Yesterday I have said that Lets create a Docx File using Libre so that It will be compatible for my friends But It was a bad Idea to save it Docx instead of Odt . It cost me a couple of hours of work . I have wrote for a couple of hours something like 56 pages after that I have save it  pressing the button Save many times and I the end I have discovered that my document had lost 50 + pages , they were pics for my anatomy Notes , all my pics were gone just a little Text had been save it .very frustrating to lose my work for couple of hours .I have tried the solution bellow with the Backup and Temporary files and no file I have found .I could not believe that this could happen for Libre Office a software with many years experience behind .I do not Understand why This Option It is still there Saving As Docx , Still Available if it is not Working properly  ? Why not Beta ? Why not a big Sign that it is possible to loose your Work ?  if It Is causing Losing Pages 98 % of my pages mayne , 50 + pages with pictures for Anatomy . The issue was reported in 2014 and still in 2020 had the same problem . https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/69531/recover-unsaved-document/#:~:text=LibreOffice%20should%20offer%20you%20to,see%20if%20anything%20is%20there. You can check your recovery folder if you go to Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Path. There is location of your backup and temporary files. Just go there to see if anything is there.nothing , no file . This idea is very Good with the Backup , Temporary File Saved In ODT default Saving File System From Libre  but Why it is not Working and this Should be Mandatory for The case when the File it is Saved on Formats Like .Docx that that been reported so many time that it is causing loss of Work ,Pages  ? https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/33150/libreoffice-just-not-saving-properly-and-deleted-1000-words-of-my-dissertation/I have created an Index and the Text part remain and All The Anatomical Pictures were Gone for Good unfortunately as you can see bellow . I was sad , upset and frustrated about this but I am appreciate your work to make this Software free , to develop and this is the reason that I am giving you this feedback so that others , I hope  not make the same mistake again . Thanks .kind regards,adrian g  

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