I have wrote for a couple of hours something like 56 pages after that I have save it pressing the button Save many times and I the end I have discovered that my document had lost 50 + pages ,

g adi leonidaa at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 18:57:02 UTC 2020

Hi ,

Here I have found that other people are praising the Autosaving Option from
Google Docs  , The thing that I have emphasized in the previous emails as
well as a priority , a must from my opinion ., IMHO . We can not compare A
trillion dollar company like Google with 2 Billion users for G suite  with
a Team of Volunteers that are developing for free a product like Libre .But
I think we should emulate the Best Features like Autosaving  from Google
Docs and others , from Successful and reliable software solutions like G
Docs so on  and Implement by Default AutoSAving features every Couple of
Seconds IMHO .



Plus, Docs backs up your saved files to Google Drive instead of your local
hard drive.

So Google saves your work — *and backs up your work — *to give you extra
protection should you spill coffee all over your laptop and wreck your hard

Our winner: Google is the automatic save hero you never thought your docs
Thanks for your work developing a good product .
kind regards.
adrian g

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 10:58 PM g adi <leonidaa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Italo , Paul , Hi guys  !
> I have just remember how I have said in the previous emails : Why do not
> made Autosaving Implicit By Default Very Frequently , By Default it is like
> 10 minutes , I have manual Choose 1 minute the minimum but I have Remember
> that Google Docs has the AutoSave like every 2 Seconds ,
> Why you do not do the same ? Autosave every 1 -2 Seconds ? and by Default
> do not let new Libre Users choose them because can be too late and they
> will loose they words , work and the Libre File  and the people will be
> very upset .
> This should be a Priority , it is a Major Issue and and Urgent One  in
> IMHO , Google Docs is doing the same for example .
> Loosing your Writing is very frustrating  and people could lose
> precious and very important documents , it was not my case , still I was
> upset but you got my idea .
> https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/33150/libreoffice-just-not-saving-properly-and-deleted-1000-words-of-my-dissertation/#:~:text=Check%20the%20Tools%20%7C%20Options%20%7C%20LibreOffice,document%20and%20save%20as%20docx.
> I don't know what the <beep> going on but I just saved my work to close it
> and reopen it because spellcheck wasn't working and I reopened it and it's
> saved 2 words? It did something similar last night but I thought I just
> hadn't saved it properly cos it only lost 200 words or so.
> 2. Same Why the Backup or Temporary File Salvation it is not working
> properly too ? As a second net save mechanism in the case like something
> Bad is Happening like in my case : saving as Docx , Black out , no more
> Electricity so on ?
> 3. Microsoft Word , Google Docs they have better Recovery Systems I think
> , I think we can learn from them and we can implement ?
> 4. I have give you the details requested , can you reproduce my case and
> my error ?
> Thanks .
> kind regards,
> adrian g
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 4:39 PM g adi <leonidaa at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi !
>> Thanks for making this software for free , for your work but yesterday I
>> was very upset .
>> I have open a new file save it .docx , like I have done for a file before
>> , one more time , just so this was the second time that I have created and
>> saved a file with Docx and not ODt because in the past couple of my friends
>> after I have send them the Odt files they said that they could not open
>> them on Laptop or Mobile and I need to tell them what to install so on so
>> Yesterday I have said that Lets create a Docx File using Libre so that It
>> will be compatible for my friends But It was a bad Idea to save it Docx
>> instead of Odt . It cost me a couple of hours of work .
>> I have wrote for a couple of hours something like 56 pages after that I
>> have save it  pressing the button Save many times and I the end I have
>> discovered that my document had lost 50 + pages ,
>> they were pics for my anatomy Notes , all my pics were gone just a little
>> Text had been save it .
>> very frustrating to lose my work for couple of hours .
>> I have tried the solution bellow with the Backup and Temporary files and
>> no file I have found .
>> I could not believe that this could happen for Libre Office a software
>> with many years experience behind .
>> I do not Understand why This Option It is still there Saving As Docx ,
>> Still Available if it is not Working properly  ? Why not Beta ? Why not a
>> big Sign that it is possible to loose your Work ?
>>  if It Is causing Losing Pages 98 % of my pages mayne , 50 + pages with
>> pictures for Anatomy .
>> The issue was reported in 2014 and still in 2020 had the same problem .
>> https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/69531/recover-unsaved-document/#:~:text=LibreOffice%20should%20offer%20you%20to,see%20if%20anything%20is%20there.
>> You can check your recovery folder if you go to Tools -> Options ->
>> LibreOffice -> Path. There is location of your backup and temporary files.
>> Just go there to see if anything is there.
>> nothing , no file .
>> This idea is very Good with the Backup , Temporary File Saved In ODT
>> default Saving File System From Libre  but Why it is not Working and this
>> Should be Mandatory for The case when the File it is Saved on Formats Like
>> .Docx that that been reported so many time that it is causing loss of Work
>> ,Pages  ?
>> https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/33150/libreoffice-just-not-saving-properly-and-deleted-1000-words-of-my-dissertation/
>> I have created an Index and the Text part remain and All The Anatomical
>> Pictures were Gone for Good unfortunately as you can see bellow .
>> I was sad , upset and frustrated about this but I am appreciate your work
>> to make this Software free , to develop and this is the reason that I am
>> giving you this feedback so that others , I hope  not make the same mistake
>> again .
>> Thanks .
>> kind regards,
>> adrian g
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