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Mike Kaganski mikekaganski at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 28 07:54:18 UTC 2020


On 28.07.2020 10:27, anshu khare wrote:
> So here's what I was trying to do.
> In  svx/source/dialog/compressgraphicdialog.cxx, I added a printf statement
> in CompressGraphicsDialog::CompressGraphicsDialog() function
> and CompressGraphicsDialog::Initialize() function as follows:
> printf("Hi");
> Then I built a debug version of LibreOffice.
> As usual soffice.bin and LibreOffice Dev Personal opened up.
> I created a Writer document and inserted a picture in it.
> Then I compressed that picture and saved the document.
> To my surprise, there was no "Hi" in the Output window and Immediate window
> of Visual Studio.
> Also, there was no "Hi" in soffice.bin.

Can't confirm: see https://imgur.com/jRyfiat.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski
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