Building skia with clang(-cl)

Rene Engelhard rene.engelhard at
Mon Jun 8 13:16:57 UTC 2020


Am 08.06.20 um 12:12 schrieb Luboš Luňák:
> But as long as Skia is used only by VCL gen backend this really doesn't
> matter in practice. We could probably even default to --disable-skia on Linux 
> and it wouldn't make much of a difference for users.
I don't mind here either default but please stop assuming people don't
use "gen" on Linux.

I use a desktop which makes LO use gtk3. Many others do, too. Many use KDE.

Some *do* use a window manager not having gtk3/kde5, though.

And those will get "gen".

(I consider the existence of gen a problem, too, maybe I should just
make -gtk3 a non-optional part.

But still then afaik the desktop detector will still use "gen" on e.g.
fluxbox or so, didn't actually check lately?)

(More likely since I have -gtk3 and -qt5/-kf5 as recommended, but
optional packages, so people

*can* install LO without "unneeded" dependencies for them.)



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