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Fri Jun 12 06:41:34 UTC 2020

Hi Regis,

I didn't use --without-doxygen option. I'll add this, hopefully, it will 
compile much faster.

The institution I'm giving LO is asking to remove some of the "apps" 
that they are not going to use. Those apps may stay in the compiled 
package, but I don't want users to see those apps. It's like installing 
MS Office with unchecking MS Access. The office software is still fully 
functional, but the users can't use or even see Access app. This is what 
I want to do with LO.


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>HI Ismet,
>I can confirm (IMHO) that you can't exclude easily some part from LO, 
>it's not designed in this way...For example, Impress depends from Draw. 
>You need Calc to embed sheets in Writer, etc...
>Have you set an autogen.input file to exclude the doxygen documentation 
>(--without-doxygen) ?...It takes ages on my computer to be generated.
>On my computer, a ridiculous core I3-6100 8Go nowadays, it takes around 
>2h to compile LO from scratch under Linux.
>Régis Perdreau
>Le ven. 12 juin 2020 à 07:59, Ismet Bahadir <ismetbahadir at> a 
>écrit :
>>Thank you very much Tor,
>>Yes, I didn't know the terminology, so I trusted that you would 
>>understand :)
>>It takes over 5 hours to compile on my pc but I have a powerful 
>>machine with 64 cores and 128 GM ram. I think that will be faster.
>>I'll try and get back to you. But I still do not know why the 
>>extension successfully installs on Ubuntu but fails on Debian.
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>>>>I think it's best to recompile the source from scratch with official 
>>>>packaging system.
>>>IMHO, as an outsider, only Debian's own way to package LibreOffice 
>>>can be said to be "official". It is *very* different from the way TDF 
>>>packages LibreOffice in the .deb format.
>>>>How can I exclude some of the apps such as "Draw"?
>>>Draw (and Writer, Calc, etc) are not "apps" as such IMHO but 
>>>different kinds of documents that the one same app, LibreOffice, 
>>>manages using the same soffice.bin process. But that is just 
>>>terminology, we know what you mean.
>>>>Is it possible that
>>>>each app has its own DEB installation file so that I won't be 
>>>>it if I skip its DEB file?
>>>That *is* exactly how the real Debian packages for LibreOffice are 
>>>structured. See Also 
>>>many (most?) other Linux distros, like Fedora for instance, split 
>>>LibreOffice into multiple packages, like libreoffice-core, 
>>>libreoffice-writer, libreoffice-calc, libreoffice-draw, etc.
>>>(As such, I don't think that it makes sense to split up LibreOffice 
>>>like that, I find it fairly pointless, old-fashioned and needlessly 
>>>complex, but then I am not a Linux zealot, I like macOS more. But 
>>>just ignore me here.)
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