GSoC Blurry Shadow Weekly Update

Ahmad Ganzouri ganzouri97 at
Sat Jun 13 12:24:38 UTC 2020


Since my all work was local, I've spent some time trying to submit patches
without errors.

I finished working on the shadow primitive to support blur shadow [1].
I updated the blur radius to be imported in Hmm instead of EMU and
propagate this change to the import test function.

Testing the range of the pptx shadow blur according to Microsoft Powerpoint
shapes blur.
It has a maximum range of 1270000EMU. I don't know yet if we are committed
to that range.

I've added process function to process and view the blurred shadow.
The function uses the blur radius from the shadow primitive to generate a
blur mask for the shadow[2].

It was having some issues at first like the shadow was cut from the bottom
and right and the bitmap wasn't big enough to fit the blurred shadow so
Transparency was failing. It works correctly now. Once it's merged you can
all try it with pptx

My earlier work:


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