GSoC Weekly Report 2 Styles Inspector

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Mon Jun 15 07:14:15 UTC 2020

Last week was quite good.

Work Done :-
+ I Completed the change of source code for Inspector such that the main
property dump implementation will be in sw and the UI is in svx.[1]

To Do for this week :-

+ Complete the patch to extract the property dump for the text at the
cursor. This will be a big progress for the project. This patch has been
partially completed, my local change shows only the initial default
propertY values. ("CharFontName" gives Liberation Serif.. and so on)

+ Once the property dump is complete for CS, I'll move on to add the
"Paragraph Style" panel and later complete the property dump for PS.

Thanks to my mentors for their time and all the knowledge they shared with
Everyday I understand the source code in a better way :)

best regards,
Shivam Kumar Singh
( IRC - shivam_ )
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