About MacOs future with ARM

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 24 10:15:19 UTC 2020


I noticed that Apple will sell machines with homemade ARM processors in a
quite near future see

I thought it could be interesting to add this subject in ESC, so these
points may be discussed for example:
- do we want to keep on proposing Mac version ?
If no, quite simple, we can purge some code in LO basecode.
If yes:
- are we prepared for this transition? (perhaps it'll need full Cocoa
framework use, I haven't read the impacts yet)
- have we got enough devs for this?
- budget to buy future Mac with ARM ?
- propose during some time (perhaps 3-4 years) 2 LO releases for Mac : Intel
and ARM
- TB and Jenkins machine with Mac ARMs?
- impact on all external libs, old ones like HSQLDB may bring some problems
(since we're stuck with version 1.8)

It seems Cupertino guys will help some projects like SKIA, see:
(sorry French source, didn't find English source)

Perhaps it's too early to talk about it, perhaps there's no big deal, ...
I got no expertise here and no opinion here, just wanted to spotlight this

Any thoughts here?


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