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Le 24/06/2020 à 12:15, julien2412 a écrit :

Hi Julien,

Good questions IMHO.

>From what I read yesterday, Apple would propose a "Rosetta 2" on-the-fly
byte-code conversion environment to allow programs compiled for x86
hardware to continue running for a while at least to ease the transition.

For those of us having been (un)fortunate or old enough to have lived
through the first iteration of Rosetta, when Apple transitioned from PPC
to x86 they will know that performance will take a significant hit,
memory consumption will likely go through the roof, and that some stuff
just won't work...depending on how well Apple implements Rosetta 2.

Then comes the question of whether, indeed, the project has the
resources to provide 2 ongoing versions of LO for macOS for 2 different
chip architectures...

Will be interesting to see how this evolves.


> Hello,
> I noticed that Apple will sell machines with homemade ARM processors in a
> quite near future see
> https://www.news1.news/en/2020/06/mac-with-apple-silicon-processors-the-complete-guide.html
> I thought it could be interesting to add this subject in ESC, so these
> points may be discussed for example:
> - do we want to keep on proposing Mac version ?
> If no, quite simple, we can purge some code in LO basecode.
> If yes:
> - are we prepared for this transition? (perhaps it'll need full Cocoa
> framework use, I haven't read the impacts yet)
> - have we got enough devs for this?
> - budget to buy future Mac with ARM ?
> - propose during some time (perhaps 3-4 years) 2 LO releases for Mac : Intel
> and ARM
> - TB and Jenkins machine with Mac ARMs?
> - impact on all external libs, old ones like HSQLDB may bring some problems
> (since we're stuck with version 1.8)
> It seems Cupertino guys will help some projects like SKIA, see:
> https://www.macg.co/macos/2020/06/arm-apple-facilite-la-transition-de-plusieurs-projets-open-source-114881
> (sorry French source, didn't find English source)
> Perhaps it's too early to talk about it, perhaps there's no big deal, ...
> I got no expertise here and no opinion here, just wanted to spotlight this
> subject.
> Any thoughts here?
> Julien
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