GSoC Styles Inspector Week 4 Report

Shivam Kumar Singh shivamhere247 at
Mon Jun 29 06:44:34 UTC 2020

The first month of the coding period comes to an end. Quite an exciting
journey till now, looking forward to an even more fruitful journey ahead:)

Work done last week :-[1][2]

   - The UI for Paragraph Styles have been added
   - Added expand/collapse buttons for easy viewing
   - Any property is listed only once either at PS or at CS(depends on
   which level the property is redefined for the last time considering
   priority of CS over PS)
   - Hide all properties which store the default values, if they are not
   modified they are not of interest to us.

Work to be completed this week will mostly be some remaining tweaks for PS
and CS panel plus addition of Direct Formatting panel and establishing
correct priority links between them.
This will be followed by Unit testing the Inspector.

Thanks to my mentors and the whole LO team for making me a part of the
awesome work they are doing :)

best regards,
Shivam Kumar Singh

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