Steps for GSOC 2020

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Thu Mar 5 16:13:10 UTC 2020

Anupam Anupam kirjoitti 5.3.2020 klo 17.52:
> Hello Everyone
> This Email is regarding GSOC 2020 application for Libre Office. My name 
> is Anupam Sharma, and I am a student of Master of Computer Science at 
> the University of Adelaide, Australia. After completing my Bachelors's 
> in Computer science, I started working in the role of Software 
> Engineering for four years at Ford Motor Company, where I had worked on 
> various diverse and challenging assignments. I have always been 
> fascinated by the field of open-source software development, and GSOC 
> can be an opportunity to start my journey in the area of open-source 
> development.
> Summarising my details:-
> Name - Anupam
> Current Education - Master of Computer Science (completed one semester), 
> University of Adelaide, Australia.
> Previous Education - Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and 
> Engineering, NIT Hamirpur, India
> Work Experience: - 4 years in the role of Software Engineer at Ford 
> Motor Company.
> IRC Nick Name : anupam543
> Email : at < at>
> I am looking forward to getting further information in this context.

The minimum requirement for participation is completing a task called an 
"easy hack". You can get started here:


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