[Libreoffice-qa] ESC meeting minutes: 2020-03-05

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Tue Mar 10 14:58:37 UTC 2020

On 10/03/2020 11:02, Jan-Marek Glogowski wrote:
> But honestly: why do we want to have subsequentcheck at all, and not
> just run all tests after the build. This would get rid of all the
> use_more_fonts and whatever over hacks currently exist. The machine
> should be busy enough building LO. Eventually it might even lead to more
> stable test runs ;-)

There are some honest unit tests around that have narrow, well-defined 
dependencies, and I think it's perfectly fine to keep them that way and 
have them run as soon as all their dependencies are available.  For some 
CompilerTests it even makes sense to run them as early as possible 
during the build, to verify that the assumptions of how the build will 
be conducted are met.

But yes, as I outlined before, we could get rid of subsequentcheck in 
the sense of having all *Tests lumped under one check target and have 
each *Test spell out its dependencies (as coarse or as fine grained as 
practical) individually.

(And then maybe have a machinery to add specific *Tests also to 
additional targets, like your javacheck target at 
<https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/88833> "Introduce javacheck 
target and move Java tests", or Rene's demand for running certain 
JUnitTests against a non-instdir installation.)

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