[GSoC Introduction] Community Bonding Period

Aditya Sahu adityasahu1511 at gmail.com
Mon May 11 14:57:50 UTC 2020


I am Aditya Sahu, final year computer science engineering undergrad from
New Delhi, India. My proposal for Google Summer of Code 2020 has been
selected this year for the project "Move the gallery code to use ZIP

I would sincerely like to thank the LibreOffice team for your support and
the help that you provided me at times - from my first difficulty while
building LO on my system - to helping me fix difficult bugs.

I shall be reworking gallery code to eliminate the implementation of
binaries that LO presently uses to contain the themes. You can read more
about it here: [1]. Most grateful to my mentors: Tomaž Vajngerl and Michael
Meeks for filling me in with the details of the project with whom I shall
be working this summer.

I am available on both email and IRC if anyone feels the need to contact
me. My IRC nick is <aditya-sahu>. Will provide weekly status update once
the coding period starts. Hope to have an exciting summer ahead!

Aditya Sahu

[1] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#5814711242719232
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