compile / build libreoffice 'single threaded' or with '--disable-threads' to ease debugging

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> not experienced with lists i was urged by @Mike to send this question here:
>>>> is it possible to compile / build libreoffice 'single threaded' or
> with '--disable-threads' to ease debugging? <<<
> more background there:

There's no '--disable-threads' configure for LibreOffice build as far as
I know - reading through the options mentioned by './ --help'.

Still, as far as I understand the task, the problem is not *building*
it, but debugging, which implies that you possibly want to disable
threaded calculations in the built LibreOffice instance config. To do
that, make sure that you do not enable OpenCL
(Options->LibreOffice->OpenCL) and multi-threaded calculation (the
bottom of Options->LibreOffice Calc->Calculate).

Yet, you should be aware that some of the problems that you might want
to debug *could* be related to the calculation mode; and choosing a
different calculation mode (or building with specific configuration, if
it would be possible) could change the end result and prevent you from
successfully debugging. In that case, you might still need to find ways
to debug multi-threaded processing; e.g., finding problematic routines
by reading the code or watching how threads are created, and putting
breakpoints in relevant places before the calculation starts, so that
gdb could break into it correctly.

Hope this helps; possibly you would like to come with a specific example
where you debug (a place in the source code), which steps you would like
to enter, and what happens for you actually - that could enable to
suggest what to do in a specific case, and learn by example.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski
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