Aw: Re: compile / build libreoffice 'single threaded' or with '--disable-threads' to ease debugging

Mike Kaganski mikekaganski at
Fri May 22 11:13:27 UTC 2020


Please don't reply privately. Having done so, instead of replying to the
mailing list, made both mails into the spam filter, and so I didn't see
them; also no one other than me could try to help you.

On 19.05.2020 15:47, newbie-02 at wrote:
>>> the tip with disabling openCL and threading is good, will try it in
> the evening, but maybe that that affects calculations, while save and
> load of files and integrate data into the structures is delegated to
> other cores / threads, will see.
> no success, still some 'new threads' flickering up the terminal ...
> it's a pain and suppresses effectivity that one has to dig such deep to
> get in touch with the problem, than to be able to work on the problem
> itself ...
> will try to find the latest 'unthreaded' ver. to check with that, but ..
> don't know, could be even that works with ... task switching ... for
> file load already ... ???

Anyway, if you guess that LibreOffice can ever be run completely
single-threaded, you are mistaken. It creates threads always; it need
multiple threads, and there's no "single-threaded LibreOffice". What I
suggested was not about making everything in LO to be single-threaded,
but only (re-)calculation of a spreadsheet.

You need to tell where - at which stage - are you now, and what is your
end goal (what you try to debug). Likely you need some code reading; and
yes, LibreOffice is not a simple reading. Possibly I (or others, if you
follow the rules of using mailing lists) could advise where to put the
breakpoint in order to break into it, whichever thread could that be.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski
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