Guidance to where in the codebase the Menu structure is built

KKing kicking177 at
Mon May 18 14:13:10 UTC 2020

I have pulled code for Libreoffice and have built it on Debian 
10 and seems to run fine.

I would like to look at modifying the default Menu structure potentially 
dependant on the user or a startup parameter.

Could someone point me to where in the codebase the default Menus get built?

There are a couple of things want to look at, but one of the main 
requests we get is if the old school list of 9 most recent documents (or 
we have had variation request of 9 favourite) can be assigned to the 
file menu so it is easier and quicker to just use keyboard to get access 
to the files e.g.  Alt+F-2   would load the 2nd most recent document.


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