Guidance to where in the codebase the Menu structure is built

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon May 18 18:57:01 UTC 2020

KKing schrieb am 18-May-20 um 16:13:
> I have pulled code for Libreoffice and have built it on Debian 
> 10 and seems to run fine.
> I would like to look at modifying the default Menu structure potentially 
> dependant on the user or a startup parameter.
> Could someone point me to where in the codebase the default Menus get 
> built?
> There are a couple of things want to look at, but one of the main 
> requests we get is if the old school list of 9 most recent documents (or 
> we have had variation request of 9 favourite) can be assigned to the 
> file menu so it is easier and quicker to just use keyboard to get access 
> to the files e.g.  Alt+F-2   would load the 2nd most recent document.

The list of recent files is in file registrymodifications.xcu in the 
user directory. It should be possible to read it from there via macro, 
then make macros which opens the 1st, 2nd ... and then add items to the 
menu, which call these macros.

Or if using mouse it acceptable, the field "Load URL" in a toolbar might 
work for you too. That field shows the full path and not only the 
document name.

Kind regards

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