compile / build libreoffice 'single threaded' or with '--disable-threads' to ease debugging - error with filtering definitions in ods format

Mike Kaganski mikekaganski at
Sun May 24 11:13:09 UTC 2020

On 24.05.2020 11:22, newbie-02 at wrote:
>> You need to tell where - at which stage - are you now,
> i'm trying to bring down a bug with wrong save of filtering conditions
> in odf format, last status there:
> help could be:

What you write now seem to be first making an impression you are trying
to debug something, then immediately declare you failed and attempt to
force developers to work on it. I don't think that would work. You may
ask for help in some specific technical problem (like "I'm debugging
function Foo using gdb; I try to break into function Bar; I see ABC, and
the breakpoint doesn't get hit..." or "I'm looking for the function that
implements spreadsheet function KLM; how can I find it?").

> - point me to the last 'unthreaded' version,

None ever existed.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski
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