compile / build libreoffice 'single threaded' or with '--disable-threads' to ease debugging - error with filtering definitions in ods format

Michael Stahl mst at
Mon May 25 08:10:33 UTC 2020

On 24.05.20 13:05, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>     :-(   would be much easier for debugging of logical errors, already
>     think to get a single core machine to reduce threading ... or use
>     old LO version for logical and workflow analyzing,
> As far as I know, LO has always used multiple threads. But if you can 
> provide proof of the opposite I will admit I was wrong of course.

there was a time without SolarMutex, but you'd have to go back to 
StarOffice around 1997 or so, for which the source code has presumably 
been lost.

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