Gmail marks it as spam

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Wed Nov 11 07:32:06 UTC 2020

Maarten Hoes kirjoitti 10.11.2020 klo 22.21:
> Hi julien2412,
> I'm not quite sure if this is anything anyone can do anything about, but 
> I still feel like stating here:
> For quite a while now, all of the posts of you to the libreoffice dev 
> mailing list gets put into my 'spam' folder by gmail/google. All of the 
> posts to the same list by other people correctly go to my 'inbox'. I 
> keep marking the posts as 'not spam', but it does not seem to do any good.
> Again, I am fairly sure you cannot do anything about this, but I still 
> feel I need to inform you that this is going on.

Here is a bigger hammer for whitelisting addresses in gmail:


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