Dante Doménech dante19031999 at
Wed Nov 11 10:24:47 UTC 2020

I'm Dante, a voluntary developper for LO. I'm working on tdf#101174
<>. In order to
continue working on it we need to add a font to Libreoffice: Libertinus
math ( It's what we choose in the chat ), which will replace OpenSymbol in
the future. However, we need someone with the permissions and authority to
upload the file. Main reasons to do the change are: OpenSymbol is outdated
and are characters missing ( #td134214
<> ) wich halts
developpement, like for example setp ( tdf#49990
<> ), mathbb,
fraktur ( listed as TODO in the code ), and maintenance costs. They will
decrease if we use a well maintained font.

>From this git repo:
Add files: core/source/LibertinusMath-Regular.sfd
At: core/extras/source/opentype/LibertinusMathRegular.sfd

There's also a makefile to edit, but I'll handle it once it is uploaded.
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