Mathml XMLReader (starmath module)

Dante Doménech dante19031999 at
Mon Nov 23 21:53:10 UTC 2020

Mathml is not XML.
For some things it is a subset. For others not.
For example, character entities: quot, amp, apos, lt, gt. That it's all.
Mathml: ∞ ... matml specific ones.
With the information I've collected, this is handled by xmlreader.
Can not be implemented as xml. That's why I need to interfere with the
xmlreader with a customized xmlreader.
The headache: it is hidden somewhere under a sea of classes.

For now I've been tracking code from (mathmlimport.cxx):
//Make a model component from our SmModel
uno::Reference<lang::XComponent> xModelComp = xModel;
OSL_ENSURE(, "XMLReader::Read: got no model");
But without any results.

El lun, 23 nov 2020 a las 22:25, Dante Doménech (<dante19031999 at>)

> Thank you for the hint.
> I'm trying to make it work, but I keep getting "No source file named
> xmlreader." no matter how I enter the file path.
> El dom, 22 nov 2020 a las 17:48, Noel Grandin (<noelgrandin at>)
> escribió:
>> the easiest way to figure out stuff like that, is to run LO under gdb,
>> e.g.
>>     make debugrun
>> set a breakpoint in XmlReader::handleReference with something like
>>    br xmlreader.cxx:429
>> where it throws the exception,
>> and examine the callstack using the
>>    bt
>>    up
>>    down
>> commands.
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