Mathml XMLReader (starmath module)

Dante Doménech dante19031999 at
Mon Nov 23 22:15:56 UTC 2020

The information I've gathered could be wrong. Collected it from code and
searched in opengrok.
W3 says that entitynames can be introduced via DTD (but are not plain xml,
or at least I understand that):

To incorporate the *htmlmathml* set into an XML DTD, a typical construct is:

       <!ENTITY % htmlmathml-f PUBLIC
         "-//W3C//ENTITIES HTML MathML Set//EN//XML"

However I had no idea LO supported it. If you could point me to it please (
could not find that dtd file in opengrok )? I may have been looking in the
wrong place.

El lun, 23 nov 2020 a las 22:53, Dante Doménech (<dante19031999 at>)

> Stephan:
> Mathml is not XML.
> For some things it is a subset. For others not.
> For example, character entities: quot, amp, apos, lt, gt. That it's all.
> Mathml: ∞ ... matml specific ones.
> With the information I've collected, this is handled by xmlreader.
> Can not be implemented as xml. That's why I need to interfere with the
> xmlreader with a customized xmlreader.
> The headache: it is hidden somewhere under a sea of classes.
> For now I've been tracking code from (mathmlimport.cxx):
> //Make a model component from our SmModel
> uno::Reference<lang::XComponent> xModelComp = xModel;
> OSL_ENSURE(, "XMLReader::Read: got no model");
> But without any results.
> El lun, 23 nov 2020 a las 22:25, Dante Doménech (<dante19031999 at>)
> escribió:
>> Thank you for the hint.
>> I'm trying to make it work, but I keep getting "No source file named
>> xmlreader." no matter how I enter the file path.
>> El dom, 22 nov 2020 a las 17:48, Noel Grandin (<noelgrandin at>)
>> escribió:
>>> the easiest way to figure out stuff like that, is to run LO under gdb,
>>> e.g.
>>>     make debugrun
>>> set a breakpoint in XmlReader::handleReference with something like
>>>    br xmlreader.cxx:429
>>> where it throws the exception,
>>> and examine the callstack using the
>>>    bt
>>>    up
>>>    down
>>> commands.
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