calc: jumbo sheets on windows (never gonna happen)

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Can I ask what kind of platform would you use for 16 million rows that involve calculations?
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>From my perspective, one needs to learn how to create a database in Base including tables, queries, forms and report when working with this much data. It is designed to handle large amounts of it. MySQL, Postgresql, and Oracle can be used as a backend  for Base being the front end.
On 10/6/20 12:09, Noel Grandin wrote:
i.e. very large spreadsheets of up to 16 million rows.
So I did some more investigation into this. In various places, we need to accumulate things like row-heights and other things, numbers which, with jumbo sheets, easily exceed 32-bits.
All over the place, we pass these values through sal_uLong/sal_Long/long/unsigned long.
Which is 32-bits on Windows. Doh!
Honestly, the only solution I can think of (and one I confidently expect us to reject), is that we declare a flag day, and search and replace sal_Long/sal_uLong/long/unsigned long with a 64-bit type across the ENTIRE code base.
Regards, Noel Grandin.

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