Rene Engelhard rene at
Sat Oct 31 10:30:51 UTC 2020

[ can you please write proper mails with proper quoting? ]


Am 31.10.20 um 10:52 schrieb Jean-Pierre Ledure:
> The reference to GitLab was given for info only, just to show the
> progress of the project.

And the GitLab thing then will be unmaintained if these files end up in
LibreOffice proper?

Because if it isn't it is still an external project, also like all the
Document Libreration libraries which for some the only user is LO. Or

If it's maintained external it's a external project and should be
packaged as such, and then the points I mentioned *are* relevant for
packaging it up.

If it's supposed to be *moved* over to LO, you are right in that the
license may be OK. If it's supposed to be *copied* and maintained on
gitlab before at some time again copying it, the points matter.

> 1. The DocFiles directory is there only to collect useful info for the
> participants to the development. It is not part of what will be
> integrated in LO.
It does not matter what is part of LO or whatnot. Your repository on
gitlab contains non-free stuff :)
> 2. The QA directory is, for the time being, for internal unit tests only.
> 3. *All integrated files will be licensed under MPL 2.0 or LGPL 3+*.
> Read the individual __License.xba files.
> 4. The (root) LICENSE file will be updated (on GitLab) accordingly.
> Note that it is not part of the LO sources.
> Added files are in (and only in) the SFDatabases, SFDialogs,
> SFDocuments, ScriptForge, po and python directories. The integration
> within LO will be done manually.
What is not "part of the LO sources" is irrelevant for the project
itself, anyway. That one should have proper licensing too.



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