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Sat Oct 31 11:10:06 UTC 2020

Le 31/10/20 à 11:30, Rene Engelhard a écrit :
> [ can you please write proper mails with proper quoting? ]
> Hi,
> Am 31.10.20 um 10:52 schrieb Jean-Pierre Ledure:
>> The reference to GitLab was given for info only, just to show the
>> progress of the project.
> And the GitLab thing then will be unmaintained if these files end up in
> LibreOffice proper?


The project will never have an autonomous life out of LibreOffice.

The GitLab instance is so far a workspace, a sandbox, a file or info 
share, nothing else.

> Because if it isn't it is still an external project, also like all the
> Document Libreration libraries which for some the only user is LO. Or
> mdds,libixion,liborcus.
> If it's maintained external it's a external project and should be
> packaged as such, and then the points I mentioned *are* relevant for
> packaging it up.
> If it's supposed to be *moved* over to LO, you are right in that the
> license may be OK.
It is supposed to be *moved* to LO.
>   If it's supposed to be *copied* and maintained on
> gitlab before at some time again copying it, the points matter.
>> 1. The DocFiles directory is there only to collect useful info for the
>> participants to the development. It is not part of what will be
>> integrated in LO.
> It does not matter what is part of LO or whatnot. Your repository on
> gitlab contains non-free stuff :)
>> 2. The QA directory is, for the time being, for internal unit tests only.
>> 3. *All integrated files will be licensed under MPL 2.0 or LGPL 3+*.
>> Read the individual __License.xba files.
>> 4. The (root) LICENSE file will be updated (on GitLab) accordingly.
>> Note that it is not part of the LO sources.
>> Added files are in (and only in) the SFDatabases, SFDialogs,
>> SFDocuments, ScriptForge, po and python directories. The integration
>> within LO will be done manually.
> What is not "part of the LO sources" is irrelevant for the project
> itself, anyway. That one should have proper licensing too.
> Regards,
> Rene

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