Week #7 - #8 Report - GSoC - 100 Paper Cuts

Bayram Çiçek mail at bayramcicek.com.tr
Sun Aug 1 09:17:51 UTC 2021

Hi all,

GSoC progress for week #7 and week #8.

 > Blog post for week #7 and #8: 

 > Made research on borders in Writer-Tables

Bug: tdf#51665 - Support diagonal borders in TABLEs

I made research about how applying borders works in Writer-Tables. Then 
I started to work on it with sending first patchsets as WIP: 

I realized that Calc has diagonal borders feature in both /"Format > 
Cells... > Borders tab"/ and (Sidebar Tab)/"Properties > Cell 
Appearance/". Next week, I will try to understand how diagonal borders 
work in Calc cells and will try to implement them in Writer-Tables.

 > Summary of last 2 weeks
     - Worked on Writer-Tables
     - commit: (WIP) Support diagonal borders in Writer-Tables : 

 > Next week TO-DO:
     - Work on Calc diagonal borders and try to implement them in 

Thank you all.


Regards, Bayram Çiçek

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