GSoC - Weekly Report - #9 - Table styles

Balázs Sántha santha.balazs at
Mon Aug 9 22:54:00 UTC 2021

Dear Community!

This week I was still working with my ongoing optimization.
Unfortuantely, it turned out, that some of the unit tests were failing with
the new patch. As I wasn't able to get much detail out from the Jenkins
log, I must have started to debug the problematic unit tests on my own.
After 2-3 days, I finally resolved all of the problems with the tests. One
of the problems was an index out of bound problem, which was causing some
of the crashes in the unit test. Interesting, that I wasn't able to get the
crash, when I tried to trigger it manually with a test document. After all
the test were finally fine, I still wanted to give a full support of the
import of direct character formatting.This was important, as they are lost
now, if they are applied on an empty cell (in a normal situation, these
direct char props are stored in SwpHints, but in empty cells, this isn't
solved). Recently this problem was solved by copying these paras into the
paragraph properties, so in this way, they support the copying of the new
rows. Originally my patch aimed to remove this functionality, as this
operation (copying direct char props into paragraphs) was done for every
cell and was very slow, but for these rare cases, when direct character
formattings are applied on empty cells, I still needed to keep this code in
the writerfilter. Nice thing, that with the modification I made in the
core, we only need to do this, when the cell is empty, which is quite
simple to test.
Furthermore I was trying to cherry-pick and rebase Alex Ivan's table-style
branch from 2013, on top of the recent master, without much success. This
week, I will continue this work, but with a different approach. As I have
already managed to build that branch (on a VirtualMachine), I will be able
to power off his commits, one-by-one, to test and understand his work.

If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts or suggestions, please share
with me!

Balázs Sántha, santhab
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