Review list of bugs with ODF relationship to be covered by a TDF tender

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Thu Dec 16 16:08:08 UTC 2021

Hi all, hi Florian,

TDF is planning a tender "Cleanup & further improve ODF conformance".

In case you have not noticed it, the call for comments had been on

I have been asked to review relevant bugs. The attachment contains a 
list of such bugs with comments and a personal ranking.

My personal favorites are:
"svg gradient", Rang A
Bugs 48392, 76682. Bug 48392 is prerequisite for Bug 76682.

"list indent", Rang A
Bugs 78510, 92762, 114287, 83532, 82179, 145318

"Math inline in text box", Rang A
Bug 129061. From user point of view it has highest priority.

"numbered paragraph", Rang A
Bug 62032, 108868. The internal work is done. But a UI is missing. The 
expected UI needs to be specified (Heiko?).

"ODF conformance"
These are those errors, which are in most cases not visible for users, 
and therefore likely never included in a customer contract.
Bug 53992, 101758, 103602, 106934 (Rang B)
Bug 91472, 97706, 107253, 108536, 113404, 113554, 116321, 131148 (Rang 

But I don't know how much time it will need to fix such bugs, and 
therefore I cannot estimate, whether the set of bugs will fit the budget 
of TDF.

Kind regards

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