Recursive use of non-recursive std::mtuex in Scheduler::ProcessTaskScheduling?

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Tue Feb 9 22:28:08 UTC 2021

Am 09.02.21 um 19:47 schrieb Luboš Luňák:
> On Tuesday 09 of February 2021, Jan-Marek Glogowski wrote:
>> I wasn't anymore aware, that PeekMessage, called from AnyInput, will
>> actually dispatch messages (well - the API docs start with "Dispatches
>> incoming sent messages").
>   I did notice that, but I thought it was related only to PM_REMOVE. I find
> PeekMessage( PM_NOREMOVE ) processing messages to be pretty lame :(.

Yeah :( AFAIK all system event loops have some interesting 
"implementation details" wrt timers, event processing, posting and peeking.

Maybe that's the reason on the conflicting details in the Qt and Gtk 
abstractions. Or I'm missing something.

And on top of it we have LO's "process GUI from any thread" model.

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