Added some information about Qt Creator IDE integration to the wiki

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Thu Feb 25 14:28:39 UTC 2021

On 15/02/2021 12.26, Michael Weghorn wrote:
> In order to directly match an actual kit, one could try to retrieve the 
> UUID for a valid kit from the settings in the Qt Creator profile and use 
> that one when generating the *.pro.user files, but that's not ideal 
> either in my opinion (e.g. one would have to "guess" what kit is the 
> right one, rely on a specific Qt Creator profile path,...).
> I just recently read about *.pro.shared files [1] which are actually 
> meant to share project settings. Those might actually be a better way to 
> handle all of this.
> I'll probably take a closer look at some point in time.

 From commit e827cb144ee9886134a946c7a3b316f9eeb83168 ("qtcreator: 
Create *.pro.shared files instead of *.pro.user") on, *.pro.shared files 
will be generated.
If you still don't want to use the autogenerated and autoselected kit 
with build/run settings, this will at least make sure you don't have to 
configure your custom settings every time, since the *.pro.user file 
holding the settings is no longer overwritten every time that
'make qtcreator-ide-integration' is run.

>> And for the contents of, I still get "." as the first
>> subdirectory. I have to
>> manually change it to "../core".
> As mentioned in my previous email, I can take a quick look whether I can 
> see anything obvious if you upload your generated files somewhere or 
> send them by email and tell me the paths used in your case (and whether 
> you use a separate build dir).

I've seen a similar error message to yours when testing with a separate 
build dir that is not on the same "hierarchy level" in the file system 
as the source dir (srcdir: ~/development/git/libreoffice, builddir: 

     ~/development/git/libreoffice/ error: Could not find .pro 
file for subdirectory "../../development/git/libreoffice/UnoControls" in 

Pending Gerrit change [1] ("qtcreator: Create *.pro and *.pro.shared 
files in builddir, not srcdir") (and its ancestors) should fix cases 
where builddir != srcdir, hopefully fixing your problem as well (for 
which I don't know the details, so can't explicitly test that).

I'll update the wiki entry [2] later, once everything has been merged.


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