Added some information about Qt Creator IDE integration to the wiki

Hossein Noorikhah at
Thu Feb 25 17:10:46 UTC 2021

Hi Michael,

Thank you for spending time to improve Qt Creator IDE support.

Now I am using the latest LibreOffice master build which uses .pro.shared files.
Everything works just fine, except that 'Replacement for "Desktop"' Qt kit,
which does not cause harm to the build process. If this is unavoidable at this
point, I am ok with it.

I see these build configurations:

    01-Global Build
    02-Global tests -- quick tests (unitcheck)
    03-Global tests -- slow tests (unitcheck, slowcheck, screenshot)
    04-Global tests -- integration tests (unitcheck, slowcheck, screenshot,
    05-Global tests -- performance tests (perfcheck)
    06-Global tests -- tests (check)
    07-Global build -- nocheck
    08-Global build -- build-l10n-only
    09-Global build -- build-non-l10n-only
    10-Global build -- clean
    11-Global build -- clean-build
    12-Global build -- clean-host

with the run settings as expected, having the correct executable and path in

And, I am not using a separate build dir, but I thank you for adding support for
that build configuration.

I try to update the wiki entry "Development/IDE" according to your changes, and
I appreciate your help in adding any relevant information.


On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 5:58 PM Michael Weghorn <m.weghorn at> wrote:
> On 15/02/2021 12.26, Michael Weghorn wrote:
> > In order to directly match an actual kit, one could try to retrieve the
> > UUID for a valid kit from the settings in the Qt Creator profile and use
> > that one when generating the *.pro.user files, but that's not ideal
> > either in my opinion (e.g. one would have to "guess" what kit is the
> > right one, rely on a specific Qt Creator profile path,...).
> >
> > I just recently read about *.pro.shared files [1] which are actually
> > meant to share project settings. Those might actually be a better way to
> > handle all of this.
> > I'll probably take a closer look at some point in time.
>  From commit e827cb144ee9886134a946c7a3b316f9eeb83168 ("qtcreator:
> Create *.pro.shared files instead of *.pro.user") on, *.pro.shared files
> will be generated.
> If you still don't want to use the autogenerated and autoselected kit
> with build/run settings, this will at least make sure you don't have to
> configure your custom settings every time, since the *.pro.user file
> holding the settings is no longer overwritten every time that
> 'make qtcreator-ide-integration' is run.
> >> And for the contents of, I still get "." as the first
> >> subdirectory. I have to
> >> manually change it to "../core".
> >
> > As mentioned in my previous email, I can take a quick look whether I can
> > see anything obvious if you upload your generated files somewhere or
> > send them by email and tell me the paths used in your case (and whether
> > you use a separate build dir).
> I've seen a similar error message to yours when testing with a separate
> build dir that is not on the same "hierarchy level" in the file system
> as the source dir (srcdir: ~/development/git/libreoffice, builddir:
> ~/temp/lobuild):
>      ~/development/git/libreoffice/ error: Could not find .pro
> file for subdirectory "../../development/git/libreoffice/UnoControls" in
> "~/development/git/libreoffice/../../development/git/libreoffice/UnoControls".
> Pending Gerrit change [1] ("qtcreator: Create *.pro and *.pro.shared
> files in builddir, not srcdir") (and its ancestors) should fix cases
> where builddir != srcdir, hopefully fixing your problem as well (for
> which I don't know the details, so can't explicitly test that).
> I'll update the wiki entry [2] later, once everything has been merged.
> [1]
> [2]

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