Added some information about Qt Creator IDE integration to the wiki

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Feb 26 07:47:28 UTC 2021

Hi Hossein,

On 25/02/2021 18.10, Hossein Noorikhah wrote:
> Now I am using the latest LibreOffice master build which uses .pro.shared files.
> Everything works just fine, except that 'Replacement for "Desktop"' Qt kit,
> which does not cause harm to the build process. If this is unavoidable at this
> point, I am ok with it.

I currently don't see a good way to avoid this while still having proper 
run and build configurations, since this is how Qt Creator's handling of 
kits works: If no existing kit is set, it creates such a new 
"Replacement" kit to take over settings, s. Qt Creator's source code:;a=blob_plain;f=src/plugins/projectexplorer/project.cpp;hb=caaad2107db4f6c1150d40d8d6c01eb6b21bede1 
- method 'Project::createTargetFromMap'.

> I see these build configurations:
>      01-Global Build
>      02-Global tests -- quick tests (unitcheck)
>      03-Global tests -- slow tests (unitcheck, slowcheck, screenshot)
>      04-Global tests -- integration tests (unitcheck, slowcheck, screenshot,
>              subsequentcheck)
>      05-Global tests -- performance tests (perfcheck)
>      06-Global tests -- tests (check)
>      07-Global build -- nocheck
>      08-Global build -- build-l10n-only
>      09-Global build -- build-non-l10n-only
>      10-Global build -- clean
>      11-Global build -- clean-build
>      12-Global build -- clean-host
> with the run settings as expected, having the correct executable and path in
> place.

> I try to update the wiki entry "Development/IDE" according to your changes, and
> I appreciate your help in adding any relevant information.

Thanks! Please just go ahead, I think you'll probably best know what 
information is helpful for someone who starts "from scratch". :-)
I'll be happy to review that in the end.

However, let's first try to identify the other remaining issue in your 
setup, I'll reply to your other email in a moment.


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