Are there ideas for client-server model.

Marc Marc at
Mon Jul 19 10:54:28 UTC 2021

Don't you rather commit to the libre office online repo than a collabra repo? Now you are commiting code with text 'Collabra' to the libre office trunk, which looks 'weird' to me.

If you are a collabra developer than keep collabra code in your collabra trunk, and make sure that if you contribute to the libre office online it does not have collabra stuff in there. Can you imagine what would happen if I would start declaring variable names 'CocaCola' into the source of the magento project.
I would almost think there are totally no coding and contributing guidelines for this libre office online project.

I trust the libre office organisation for future stability more that collabra organization. I guess the libre office group is also much bigger, the brand 'libre office' is also bigger. 
If there would be a legal person actively protecting the libre office brand, I would say collabra is going to have some problems piggybacking the online project like this.

@Stef maybe first thing to do is search and replace on 'collabra' in the source ;)

> 	But I have to be frank: I haven't studied the code of LibreOffice
> and the code written by Colabora yet.
> I would never have guessed.

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