Important: AskBot migration

sophi sophi at
Tue Jun 1 14:52:50 UTC 2021

Hi all,

As you know we have had an extended testing period these last months on
Discourse. We first evaluated Discourse as a tool, then proceeded to a
migration test from AskBot. Thanks a lot to all who have participated to
the tests and to Guilhem who has done a tremendous work!

With the great feedback we had, we feel now ready to go further and
fully migrate to Discourse and then, say goodbye to the AskBot instance.

All details are in the Redmine ticket, please take the time to read it
before asking :-)

How will we proceed:
- on the first week of August, Guilhem will make AskBot read only (no
new posts, no signs up)
- at the same time, he will migrate all the previous posts in all
languages to Discourse
- Discourse will not be available during this period also
--> estimated time is ~30 hours.
- after that, AskBot will be deprecated and Discourse made available

Until this happens, please report any concern or blocker you may have.
We will try our best to answer it.

For the reasoning on the migration please read the archives here:

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