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Hi Steve,

On Sunday, 2021-06-06 20:06:27 +0100, Steve Fanning wrote:

Just some remarks.

URL is not Universal Resource Locator but Uniform Resource Locator.
URI is Uniform Resource Identifier.
See also and

I find it a tad unfortunate that the first example of ENCODEURL() uses
a valid URI to encode it, i.e.
that produces "https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Elibreoffice%2Eorg%2F".
ENCODEURL() is more used on path components or query parameter arguments
that are appended to the path.

Also, using the site should be avoided for examples as
when loaded
a) it generates quite some traffic
b) the result is overly complex

Rather use instead that's made and reserved for,
well, examples, and delivers a short page if someone tries out.

Using actual queries for FILTERXML() is of course fine to demonstrate
functionality, with examples that keep the result not overly complex.

For ENCODEURL() "Additional details" "URL is constructed from a limited
set of characters" ... maybe also link to the "Uniform Resource
Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax", and "A few special characters" should
be replaced by "A few reserved characters" linking to (Reserved


The WEBSERVICE() example for "Accessing non-XML data" probably should
also be changed to to not deliver the
"exceptionally long, multi-line string" ...

In "Accessing XML data" the example lacks the protocol scheme and //
before host component, i.e. https://

> On a specific point, do we need to declare the versions of XML and XPath
> that are relevant for FILTERXML? If so, can somebody confirm what they are?

I don't think the versions are somewhere nailed.


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