GSoC Weekly Report - #1 - Unit Tests

Shubham Jain shubham656jain at
Sun Jun 13 11:17:32 UTC 2021

Greetings Community!

My GSoC project is to extend the unit tests
<> coverage of LO. This
project is fairly simple so I won't have much to report. Me and my mentors
have agreed to a time suitable for everyone to work on. I've written around
5-6 tests this week. I've started with Writer and I think I'll continue
with it for the next few weeks. The main bottleneck was that I hadn't
installed ccache in my Linux system so every time I had to check the tests
it was taking around 2 hours to run the `make` command! This has been
resolved now - it only takes a few minutes to run a particular test now.
In the coming weeks, I aim to write more than this number. I'll keep
everyone updated about my progress.

Shubham Jain
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