GSoC - Weekly Report - #2 - Table styles

Balázs Sántha santha.balazs at
Mon Jun 21 06:21:37 UTC 2021

Dear Community!

Last week I was testing the UX, related to the table styles. Filed some
interesting bugs, and started working on a bug, which is about
moving/copying tables. This cause loss of information, the name of table
style is missing after moving the object. This week I will work on this.
I also tried to complie and build Ivan Alex's feature/table-style branch,
but after solving a lot of incompatibilites, I ran into a problem with gcc.
This week I plan to finally solve this too.
Also this week I made an UItest to my last week's patch
Also worked on the optimization of the table style import. Found a code
snippet about creating real styles with UNO. This should  work to help with
my problem, (about replacing direct formatting with custom para styles),
but first I will make a 0th measurement, if it's worth it. Maybe setting
the properties via MultiPropertySet would do the job anyway.

If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts or suggestions, please share
with me!

Balázs Sántha, santhab
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