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Sun Jun 27 13:58:33 UTC 2021

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Hello Sir/Madam:

I knowingly submit a request to be placed on the LibreOffice email list.

By far not an Expert Developer. I have noticed over the years I could very well have a nack at Debugging. Along a similar line l am a Licensed Professional Surveyor with a keen sense towards details.

That said, I'm most interested in Geo Python. I would be interested in especially working on LibreBase (DBMS/SQL) and LibreWriter I've already know of Logic stream lining that could be undertaken.

I'm currently working on a Project I'm calling PyCOGO. I see possible intergretion with OpenStreetMap.

I feel I have some thing to offer. Time Management has always been an interest of mine. LibreOffice could help me find a channel for that interest.

Joseph O'Connor
DigitalClimae (dot) US
Open Source Advocate

Thank You for your time.

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