Two options to autocorrect dashes

Heiko Tietze heiko.tietze at
Tue Jun 29 09:16:34 UTC 2021

We have two options to replace -- by EN (or EM) DASH, one in Tools > 
Autocorrect: Replace (-- = -), the other at Options ("[ ] Replace dashes"). This 
clearly leads to confusion.

Auto-correction/Replace is defined in extras/autocorr/lang/<id>/Documentlist.xml 
and turns two dashes into one EN DASH U+2013 for more or less all languages 
(grep -R – *), many but not all replace three dashes by EM DASH U+2014 (grep -R 
— *). NL and NL_BE replace a single dash by EN DASH.

The "option" replacement is done via SvxAutoCorrect::DoAutoCorrect() at 
IsAutoCorrFlag(ACFlags::ChgToEnEmDash) and SvxAutoCorrect::FnChgToEnEmDash(), 
which is a rather complex function.

Now I'd vote for removing the option from the replacement table as this is in my 
skills but I'm afraid of the triple dash thing / EM dash. At least for me it is 
not converted after removing the replacement entry. Removing the code in 
SvxAutoCorrect might be doable but could have side-effects.

Seeking for opinions here (x-post to dev and l10n).

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