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Hi all,

Gentle reminder, there is only 2 days left, so please, don't miss the
deadline :)

Le 04/06/2021 à 12:14, Italo Vignoli a écrit :
> LibreOffice Conference Call for Papers is open until June 30, 2021.
> Thanks to the efforts of TDF infra team led by Guilhem Moulin, you can
> now submit your proposal using TDF brand new event management platform
> at We know that
> you were all eager to use that platform for your proposals, and now you
> don't have any excuse for a further delay of your submission!
> LibreOffice Conference 2021 will take place online from September 23 to
> 25, Thursday to Saturday. The Document Foundation invites all members
> and contributors to submit talks, lectures and workshops. Whether you
> are a seasoned presenter or have never spoken in public before, if you
> have something interesting to share about LibreOffice, ODF, the Document
> Liberation Project or the ODF Toolkit, we want to hear from you!
> Proposals should be filed by June 30, 2021, in order to guarantee that
> they will be considered for inclusion in the conference program.
> The conference program will be based on the following tracks:
> a) Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology
> b) Quality Assurance
> c) Localization, Documentation and Native Language Projects
> d) Appealing Libreoffice: Ease of Use, Design and Accessibility
> e) Open Document Format, Document Liberation and Interoperability
> f) Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice
> g) Diversity and Inclusion, New Generation Project for Students' Inclusion
> Presentations, case studies and technical talks will discuss a subject
> in depth and will last 30 minutes (including Q&A), while Workshops will
> last 90 minutes (including Q&A). Lightning talks will cover a specific
> topic and will last 5 minutes (including Q&A). Sessions will be streamed
> live and recorded for download.
> If you do not agree to provide the data for the talk under the “Creative
> Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License”, please explicitly state
> your terms. In order to make your presentation available on TDF YouTube
> and PeerTube channels, please do not submit talks containing copyrighted
> material (music, pictures, etc.).
> If you want to give multiple talks, please submit a separate proposal
> for each one, using the submission form at the following address (is the
> same):
> Thanks a lot for your participation!
> Blog Post:

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