ANN: renaming of master branch to "main" for core repository and submodules (dictionaries, help, translations)

Joao S. O. Bueno gwidion at
Wed Mar 17 12:09:49 UTC 2021

Nt L.O. related, but I think it is worth mentioning on this topic:
the Python language is doing this same month over the coming weeks
(i.e. renaming the default git branch to 'main') - the announcement was
made by the steering council last week.

On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 at 07:46, Christian Lohmaier <
lohmaier+libreoffice at> wrote:

> Hi *,
> as requested and announced in previous ESC-minutes and infra-call
> minutes, master branch will be renamed for the LibreOffice core
> repositories and the submodules used by LibreOffice (dictionaries,
> help, translations).
> Current plan is to do the switchover on April 1st
> If you have objections to this date or the plan laid out below (for
> current changes please see also
> please raise your
> concerns ASAP)
> What will be done?
> * git branch rename from master → main for LibreOffice-repos only
> (core, dictionaries, help, translations)
> more specifically creation of a new main branch main from master and
> setting the default branch for those repositories to the new name)
> ** pushes (submitting to actual branch) to the master branch will be
> prohibited by the ACL (permissions)
> ** final commit on master branch will be a change to .gitreview to use
> the new name as default and to logerrit using main as target branch if
> the current local branch is master
> ** it will be a hard cut, main will continue where master stopped,
> master won't receive any more commits
> ** open changes for master branch will be moved to the new branch
> using gerrit's "move change" feature (that keeps the current parent,
> so it is not a rebase)
> ** pushing to refs/for/master (i.e. creating new changesets) will be
> allowed for a transition period, but jenkins will immediately ask to
> move the change to the new branch (not done automatically, to make
> people also change their local branch configuration/upstream settings)
> * adjusting of jenkins' gerrit-trigger and tinderboxes to use the new
> branch name
> * adjusting of the bugzilla-status-notification ("fixed in version x")
> bot to use the new branch name
> What won't be done at that stage:
> * update of all the documentation/wiki pages mentioning master (that's
> a community effort, no deadline, if you stumble upon mentions of
> master poke #infra or change in wiki yourself :-))
> * renaming of auxiliary repositories (like the intermediate repository
> used for weblate). Projects will be renamed, but weblate itself will
> still use "master" branch in the underlying repo, any change there
> will be postponed until 7.2 projects will be created)
> * dashboard will not have any custom migration, instead repository
> data will be rebuilt/reimported from scratch
> ciao
> Christian
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