ANN: renaming of master branch to "main" for core repository and submodules (dictionaries, help, translations)

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Mar 18 17:35:08 UTC 2021

On 18/03/2021 14:19, julien2412 wrote:
> About "master"

	So - there are huge tracts that can be written about this from many
perspectives; Dominus Illuminatio Mea =)

	The "thin end of the wedge" argument is an interesting one, clearly
there is lots of scope for confrontation, division and aggression around
this sort of thing and hurt feelings. But I think it is worth looking at
this on its own merits.

	For my part I support the change - assuming some of the more telling
objections Lubos pointed out - eg. around the default branch that is
checked out when you 'git clone' can be solved elegantly.

	I thought:

	Had a mercifully bounded set of words to replace that doesn't look like
it will grow indefinitely.

> the expressions "MC"/"Master of Ceremony" in music,

	I do agree it is possible to carry this far too far. However its easy
to see how things like the unthinking use of eg. 'blacklist' can be seen
as bad - that seems like a slam-dunk to me.

	Having said all that - I think it's really important that people can
have their say, and that people's differing views are respected - and
fears of a possible terminological tyranny are laid to rest =) Also,
that we treat each other gently.

	Probably we should discuss it at the next ESC - and encourage those who
care about the topic to discuss it there rather than in some straggling
list thread (which tends to polarize).

	Hopefully you would be able to come ?



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