ANN: renaming of master branch to "main" for core repository and submodules (dictionaries, help, translations)

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Thu Mar 18 16:25:55 UTC 2021

Thorsten Behrens-6 wrote
> ...
> Well. I'm not sure it matters much what you or me read into that word.
> So is there any harm in making that change? Others are doing the work,
> why would we refuse a change that some feel strongly about?
> We're happily accepting changes that re-format code, translate,
> spell-check it etc - one could argue those are cosmetic too, and not
> worth it.
> I'm therefore much in favour of remaining to be welcoming to change,
> and positively accept patches from everyone (unless there's hard
> technical reasons to decline).

Reformating code allows to have homogeneous code and allows to read it more
Spellcheck is just about trying to respect languages, if not we could also
begin to write like in SMS and it may quickly difficult for non native
English speaker to understand it. (I know that sometimes we must decide
between US and English spell and it's not that important if everybody
understands the meaning of the word).

I'm strongly against this change because it's not just cosmetic, it's
imposing a point of view (Yes I'm doing the same but it's a debate so of
course there are at least 2 points of view), it's kind of new puritanism for
me. Until some months ago, nobody found it wrong to call a "branch master",
now we must remove it just for some people who may consider this offending.
Are there really some stats about this? Would these people feel really bad
about seeing "master" branch? Do I really offend some people when in
bugtrackers I put:
"On pc Debian x86-64 with master sources updated today, ...." ?

Technical reason to decline: a non 0 technical risk for a real 0 technical

Again, do you want to rename "Abort", "Command"?
Cars (even eletric ones) generate pollution, would you be agree to remove
any reference to the word "cars" in LO? (I didn't check if there was, it's
just for the example).
Are they bad habits and so you would consider a good evolution to replace
them too?


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